The way to audiophile bliss is embracing all of the small changes to get big sonic results in the end. Too much energy is put into the copy published in traditional audiophile print magazines that literally abuses their readers with bullshit phenomenon like “The Preamp of The Month Club” reviews. These unfortunate ploys suggest that if you just keep spending money on gear that you will get to the holy land of audio. They also sadly appeal to a consumer’s and-or enthusiast’s insecurities in that suggesting that THIS component or THAT component is the solution to your audiophile personal journey and all you need is money to get there. The reality is: there are far more smart, affordable and scientific upgrades that you can make and enjoy. Simply put: you can’t pray than cancer away. You need to deal with physics, science and math first. The good news is that many of these suggestions aren’t too terribly expensive (some are and some are quite invasive) but you don’t have to go crazy to make a big difference in improving your audiophile listening room.

Here’s a list of some creative audiophile tips that can help you get the most from your system.

Audiophile tip Number Five: Call An Electrician

Before you need any more new audiophile gear, how about we do a check up on your electrical system first? 

Number Four: HVAC Control and Dampening

Reducing noise in your audiophile room should be a TOP priority. Just as we invest electronic and source components with close to ZERO distortion – we should seek total quiet in our listening room. We discussed how your lights might affect your system earlier but getting your HVAC system tuned up is a secret that top audiophiles use to get their room even more quiet.

Number Three: Call Your Contractor

If you have a handyman or a contractor that you like – you might choose to rip your room up (meaning down to the studs) and upgrade on a much more meaningful scale.

Number Two: New Seating

In golf, we talk about the importance of your grips as it is the only way that you interact with your clubs. Race drivers talk about the importance of their tires as that is the only way a car generally interacts with the track. For audiophiles, having a great seating solution is key no matter what your budget.

Number One: Acoustical Treatments

I would cut my gear budget by thousands of dollars so that I knew that I could have even highly affordable acoustical treatments in my room first. No one factor is going to improve your sound more than improving your acoustics. We talked about moving out excess furniture and that is good. Building in acoustical treatments into the wall is also good as we discussed but once the drywall is up, the walls are painted and possibly treated (with or without fabric) it is time to get serious.

There is much more to your overall to accomplishing accentual audio. Looking into plants can help with making a more groovy room that you want to spend time in and that have good diffusion qualities. Finding an acoustic cover for your wall-mounted 4K or 8K HDTV is another side project that an seamstress or interior designer can help you make as you should never exclude a TV from your listening room. There’s so much more.

Enjoy each and every step in the process. This is the fun of the hobby.